Want to leverage big data to achieve your business goals?

Enliven has Answers.

Your organization is flush with information that can predict customer needs, optimize the sales process, streamline operations, refine products and services, and maximize marketing performance.
You just need know how and muscle.



One-size fits all reports are replaced with dashboards designed to meet the goals of the business and the needs of the individual user. Advanced visualization techniques expose trends faster and make complex data meaningful and insightful. By overlaying benchmarks, goals, and current performance, you can easily see how you stack up against where you should, and want, to be.

Dashboards can be quickly filtered to individuals, clients, and groups.​ Data are refreshed on demand, exposing trends as they unfold so you can take advantage of them soon

Powerful Customer Insights.

Good customer experience begins by truly knowing who your customers are.  We tap into under-utilized customer data from the POS, Reservation, and Ecommerce systems and enrich it with customer history, preferences, lifetime spend, and social media links. Both new and existing customers receive a more personalized, and elevated, experience.

Experts in Data and Marketing Analysis.

The amount of data and need for analysis can overwhelm businesses.  Enliven’s analytics team has the bench depth, expertise, techniques, and models to solve problems, expose trends, and identify opportunities.

  • maximize the return on marketing spend
  • increase customer engagement and retention
  • better understand your clients
  • improve conversion rates
  • better understand business performance
  • identify gaps in your business and marketing strategies

Technical Know How and Muscle.

We tackle the integration, data optimization, dashboard building, and reporting challenges that many businesses don’t have the time or expertise to take on. Connecting all data sources, including third party, partner and off-line, is essential for a holistic view of performance. Collaborating with your staffs, our technical and engineering services team has an arsenal of tools to accelerate integrations with virtually any data source.

Eliminate Data Siloes.

Making decisions on stale, incomplete, manually assembled reports? The Enliven solution is a single source of truth that brings transparency and visibility across the organization.  The ability to overlay current data, from multiple sources, opens up powerful insights that benefit everyone in the organization.

  • ​Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Audience and Subscriber
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • CRM and ERP
  • Events
  • POS and eCommerce
  • Reservation
  • Goals and KPIs