Delivering more personalized and seamless experience for your guests with data insights.  It’s knowing your guests before you’ve met them that increases guest satisfaction, sets you apart from competitors, and boosts online reputation scores.

By consolidating data from reservation, property management, sales, and marketing systems, we provide critical insights to every area of the business. Through integrations with third party reservation systems, you’ll have current inventory and rate information from competitive hotels.


  • Deliver more personalized and engaging marketing messages 
  • Compare campaigns against industry benchmarks to ensure they are performing well 
  • Insights into how spend is working by tactic and creative
  • Connect the dots between spend and reservations

Customer Service

  • Provide a more personalized experience with rich insights and historical information on incoming and current guests.
  • Identifies VIPs that prefer high-end experiences and amenities. 
  • Simplifies reservations with property amenities and third party partners.


  • Automatically gathers competitive room rates for your geographic market.
  • Customer segmentation groups customers with like preferences and buying behaviors.
  • Identifies trends in customer behavior that indicates potential growth. 

Publishing and Media

Data is essential to illustrate the power of omni channel media and distinguish publishers from pure digital market strategies.  Blending audience and content data emphasizes the unique relationship you have with your subscribers and audiences that marketers simply cannot get through programmatic.


  • Free up resources from manually compiling reports and campaign tracking sheets.
  • Centrally monitor campaign performance across all channels. 
  • Eliminate revenue leakage due to late starting and under-performing campaigns.


  • Capture more of your client’s marketing spend with a comprehensive picture of marketing activities. 
  • Emphasize audiences by integrating subscriber, content, and session metrics into performance reports.
  • Show the impact of events, direct mail, and print advertising by including circulation and attendance metrics.


  • Client facing dashboards enable to monitor campaign performance.
  • Pull leads manually rather than waiting 
  • Automatically send reports in custom formats at whatever.

Retail and Brands

Big data is essential for delivering personalized experience for your customers and increasing sales. The challenge for retailers is the ever-increasing amount of data, scattered across multiple systems requires expert resources to collect, organize, and analyze it.

The Enliven solution can handle the huge amount of data being generated and focus it in a direction that benefits, rather than overwhelms, marketing and sales efforts. By combining streamlined data science, seamless cross-channel marketing, and authentic personalization, retailers and brands can create buyer experiences that connect with the modern consumers.

Centralized customer data can help retailers build a seamless, fluid experience – beginning with an easily-accessible profile.  It’s the ability to recognize an on-line customer when they visit a brick-and-mortar location for the first time.  It’s their history as well as insights into what they are likely to purchase next.


  • Centrally monitor campaign performance across all channels and tactics.  
  • Full stack integration makes it easier connect the dots between marketing spend, on premise and web site traffic, and sales.  
  • More personalized and engaging marketing messages.
  • Avoid retargeting customers with ads for products they already purchased.


  • Rich insights and historical information on customers makes it easier to provide a more personalized experience.
  • Identifies VIPs that likely want higher end experience and specific amenities. 
  • Customer segmentation groups customers with like preferences and buying behaviors


  • Track the customer journey from campaign through conversions and purchase
  • Monitor web site performance metrics that lead to high rates of bounce, shopping cart and browse abandonment.
  • Customer segments with predictive behavior and buyer insights

Advertising and Marketing Agencies 

Data is essential to illustrate the power of omni channel marketing strategies.  Go beyond performance metrics alone and knit together a comprehensive story that proves results. Emphasize the ability to closely monitor campaigns, continually optimizing and evolving messaging, and adapting strategies to changing conditions.