For over two decades we’ve been helping businesses leverage technology, eliminate data silos, free up resources through automation, and have a single source of truth for business insights.

The Enliven approach starts with understanding our client’s business, challenges, and goals.  We are experts in overcoming cross-departmental challenges with improved processes and greater visibility.  With full-stack integration, our team delivers insights and strategies to leverage data for better decision making and automation.  It’s about making complex data actionable for every area of your business.

With industry specific solutions, our clients benefit from the lessons learned from working with similar businesses. This avoids lengthy consulting engagements, reduces the time to deliver, and enables our clients to begin reaping the benefits of quality business intelligence and automation faster.

Unified data platforms require an on-going commitment of resources.  Enliven is your strategic partner, working collaboratively with your staff to ensure that the data are reliable, understandable, and actionable.  Marketing and data analysts identify trends, gaps, and opportunities and offer strategies and insights to respond.  While every project is different, our goals are always to help our clients grow their business and improve the bottom line.


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Business Consulting

Every project starts with understanding our client’s business, challenges, and goals. We document the current state, identifying where good data can improve performance, then, we develop a strategy, create a roadmap, and a plan for your business.

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Data and Marketing Analysts

Once the data are clean and flowing, our analysts can get to work to identify areas of concern, trends, and opportunities.  They work with client resources to optimize web site, improve campaign performance, and increase conversions. Employing advanced data models and customer segmentation, they can provide predictive insights into customer behaviors.

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Engineering and Technology

Connecting all the data sources is essential for a true understanding of performance. Our team of experts in systems integration, databases, and data optimization can pull or push data from nearly any platform or data source.

They also provide insights and strategies on data management, campaign tracking, minimizing fraud, gathering deeper insights on campaign and web site interactions.

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Industry Specialists

Leaning on decades of experience, we replace one-size fits all dashboards with ones that are thoughtfully designed and make data actionable. Dashboards are tailored to meet the goals and challenges of your sales, operations, production, accounting, and executive teams.

What we deliver

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Technical Expertise.

We complement your teams by tackling the integration, data optimization, dashboard building, and reporting challenges that they don’t have capacity and expertise to take on. Connecting all data sources, including third party, partner and off-line, is essential for a holistic view of performance. Collaborating with your staffs, our professional services team provides the insights, strategies, solutions, and support to deliver in a timely manner.

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Eliminate Data Siloes.

The entire landscape of technologies and data sources are connected to provide a complete view of every and any area of your business.  We take on even the most challenging integrations and provide strategies to make data more meaningful and useful.

• ​Social Media
• Analytics
• Audience
• Advertising & Marketing
• CRM and ERP
• Events
• POS and eCommerce
• Reservations
• Call Centers and Chat Bots
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One-size fits all reports are replaced with dashboards designed to meet the goals of the business and the needs of the individual user. Advanced visualization techniques expose trends faster and make complex data meaningful and insightful.  Dashboards can be quickly filtered to individuals, clients, and groups.​ Dashboards can be personalized with brand colors and logos, great for high profile clients and customers.  Data are refreshed daily, exposing trends as they unfold so you can take advantage of them sooner.

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Customer Segmentation and Insights.

Good customer experience begins by truly knowing who your customers are.  We tap into under-utilized customer data from the POS, Reservation, and Ecommerce systems and enrich it with customer history, preferences, lifetime spend, and social media links.  Both new and existing customers can receive a personalized and elevated experience.

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Process Automation.

We put data to work, helping businesses run more efficiently and improve quality of service provided to internal and external clients.  From sales through operations and accounting, we free up resources, streamline processes, and automate manual tasks.

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Data and Marketing Analysts.

Your business is flush with customer information that can predict customer needs, optimize the sales process, refine products and services, and increase return on investment.

The amount of data available and need to analyze it daily can overwhelm businesses as a whole. Enliven’s analytics team can through the data to find compelling trends and components and translate them into meaningful insights that help our clients make better decisions faster. Our strategy is to reduce waste, improve ROI from your marketing spend, increase customer engagement and higher conversion rates.